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I can’t post the original in cirilic here so what you have is the Google translation. Please visit Alex’s blog for the original if you are one of the very few people that can read Russian.

They say that the rider is planning a route from point A to point B and point A biker one is enough to start moving. Today I want to tell you about a man who is somewhere between this and that.

Milton Miller – a citizen of the United States, is currently traveling on his 1520 cc Honda Valkirie from Belgium to Portugal via Ukraine. Imagined what a hook?
One of his goals – Slovenian Invasion, biker rally, which brings a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts from Europe and other continents.
Last year, when he came to a similar event with the awesome name of German Invasion, we stayed with a girl named Bridget in Amsterdam (actually, her name is much more complicated, but it can only pronounce the Dutch). Now the journalist Brigitte lives in Kiev, not far from the metro station “left bank” and, perhaps, this was the reason for Milton’s “capture” this year, more and eastern Europe.

We met because of resource (this is an international website “vpisok”) about a month ago, when Milton had planned their trip. On Tuesday, July 31, he sent a message that arrived in Kiev, and we agreed to meet the next evening.

Milton chose the location of several options, not yet settled on a cafe whose name I can not reproduce (Soiree – Ed.). I only know that it is on the street. Sich Riflemen 11 (formerly Artyom). One of the participants told me the Russian language on the phone: “You’ll see two motorcycles on the sidewalk. Do not miss. “Indeed, Milton bike can not be overlooked.

Despite the fact that the guests were sitting on the summer ground when we arrived, we saw no one. I took advantage of the fact that they have a lively conversation, and after a brief greeting slipped away to take some pictures. First of all I was interested in the Ukrainian Valkyrie environment.

Even if suddenly a passerby will not notice the U.S. numbers, it must pay attention to polulitsevye stylish helmets. And though the words of Milton, it is cheap Italian helmets purchased on the road, they are clearly distinguished from those that can be found in the Ukraine.

On the way to Kiev, Milton met a biker on the “volcano» (Kawasaki Vulcan – Ed.), Which in the conversation on the phone several times described as “a great guy who helped us a lot and all the shows.” Then I told him that bikers are all Ukrainian, and then added, “or just all bikers in the world.” I did not know how right – our guy just carried them in Kiev, explaining everything along the way and answering questions, but what we considered to be the norm abroad can be a gimmick, and vice versa. The cafe changed roles: Questions rained on Milton, but he did not rassteryalsya iPhone and took photographs, understandable to everyone, regardless of language proficiency.

Bridget was sitting next to the hot Dutch man, who, judging by its stock of Russian and Ukrainian words, works in our country is not the first year and feels great. The slogan on his business card read: “The right way to buy your ticket.” Apparently, they did a web application.

Milton said that the table had gathered some “pros” or people in some way working with the information field. While I was listening to a man from Holland, an American set my camera on a table in front and using the self-timer, which my hand has never touched, made an excellent photo, which has everything, including the photographer.

We soon tired of sitting in the cafe and went to Obolonskiy promenade, where big bike got its deserved attention. Passers-by rushed to her eyes shine and size, and riders in the first place to notice a six-cylinder boxer engine, acting in both directions. As adopted at the waterfront, the guys came up and after the greeting, as if nothing had happened, began a dialogue:
– What is your “maaalenky” engine!
Milton demonstrates the world-famous smile.
– Cool bike! Probably eats about three times more than I do. How many cubes?
Then I intervene and explain that the guy does not understand a single word in Russian.
– Yeah, well!
– Yeah, you look at the numbers.
– Holy shit!!!
And such a response in almost every Ukrainian.
Then the conversation turns into a constructive direction, and Milton tells how the bike was delivered 5 weeks by sea to Antwerp, and he came to him on the plane.

It was an ordinary weekday evening on the waterfront. Motorcycles were not more than two decades, but even then it was something to look at the American biker: a home here and overseas opposites and interesting cast of white. Most, as usual, lined up along the fence, but there were some that stood in front of a larechnymi umbrellas. Someone talked among themselves, while others listened to the guys played Tsoi two guitars. Guests walk along the motorcycle looked, talked and photographed.

Milton liked it, and he was very thankful that we brought him to this place. Definitely the atmosphere of the waterfront has done its job. I told him that a weekend or Friday there are far more people, and on Thursday will Kafik, where all gather once a week. The idea of ??Kafikom interested him.

Finally he showed us one of his trademark “chips”: poltoralitrovom engine installed on a coin “on edge”, started the bike and slowly began to add momentum. To everyone’s amazement the coin was kept for a long time. Milton said with a smile: “In America we have a nickel coin, which while still spinning on its axis”

Plenty naobschavshis with Ukrainian bikers, we went home. Reaching for a beer in Silpo, we got to our national interest – garage cooperative! Kind of a long series of garages, barely illuminated by occasional night lights, Milton was struck, and he asked Bridget to do a photo. They tried to find a reasonable explanation for the fact that people are building several stories up on a plot of land, and therefore wondered whether the land belongs to the owner of the garage. I said yes, and then showed the garage with a balcony. Foreigners delight knew no bounds.

We sat in the kitchen for a beer, which Milton diluted vodka for himself, and talked on general topics.
In the morning we had breakfast and left for his business: we have to work, and visitors – to learn more Kiev. At Kafike have failed to meet, so that the more I saw of him. According to preliminary data, and now he is somewhere between Kiev and Krakow. He left, but promised to return. In his tape, he wrote on Facebook: «My opinion about Kiev: I’ll be back!» (My opinion about Kiev: I’ll be back!)

Here’s a he, Milton Miller – rider from America, who despises the cult motorcycle clubs for what they have learned nothing over the past 40 years, but to rob and “push” some drugs, a person who drinks vodka in the evening with a beer, and milk with breakfast chocolate a bit of sugar; Java-developer, who does not want to write code since it has dozens of their sites in the Adult industry. He says little, and acts decisively, he rushes frantically into the unknown, but quietly moved back to where he was waiting for good people. There, where there is a road for him and his Valkyrie.


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