Age Limits & Laws

M- TEEN_DRINKINGIn Brazil, where I grew up, you basically just had to be taller than the bar and you can order alcohol, but still people didn’t get as drunk as we do here. In the USA kids get drunk until they pass out. They are freakish alcoholics even though the legal age is 21. So is the drinking age limit working? Looks like it’s not.

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has revealed that the level of male college students involved in binge drinking hasn’t changed since 1979. College women the level has increased by 40 percent. Evidence shows adults between 18 and 20 toward whom the drinking age law has been directed are routinely violating it.

Too many young people drink carelessly, falling in deaths while driving under its influence. This is the reason which headed to a federal law in the 1980s instructing that no person under the age of 21 be permitted to drink alcohol. Surprisingly still, society implicitly overlooks this conduct, with most people saying it off as simply part of “college life”.

However, in July of 1987, the minimum purchase age became 21 in all states.Still the common belief is that the minimum drinking age of 21 is a success.

Same story with weed. Americans smoke more weed than residents of Amsterdam where smoking weed is legal. It seems like if it’s legal no one cares. Maybe we should make it legal and then measure after 5 years if it is working.   Lots of laws just don’t work. Now we spend millions of dollars to prevent stuff that doesn’t hurt anyone, except the smokers’ health maybe.