Beer Spa!

Chodovar Brewery is a large complex, which includes Hotel U Sladka, Prave Pivni Lazne, and two restaurants, Stara Sladovna and Ve Skale, as well as buildings connected with beer production and shipping. Chodovar Brewery not only is a brewery, but also a beer spa. The brewery is also located on the edge of Slavkovsky Les, a beautiful nature reserve that is perfect for hiking and cycling. There are also quite a few events in the summer, including a beer festival and the European championships for oak barrel rolling.

Hotel U Sladka is a large hotel, centrally located in the tiny town of Chodova Plana. Rooms are simple, clean, and have everything you need for your trip. We had the impression that the entire building has been recently renovated and everything looks brand new and perfectly clean. They preserved the old style and there are many pieces of art and gorgeous pictures along the halls. All rooms come with a fridge, which is stocked with beer and mineral water, all of which are very affordable. There is either a shower or bath, and TV, with standard Czech channels as well as quite a few German stations.

The hotel is one of the many buildings that make up Chodovar Brewery, which is a large part of the town. On the first floor, inside Hotel U Sladka, is the reception, a large breakfast room, the massage room, and the entrance to the beer spa, Prave Pivni Lazne. In one part of the basement, also directly connected to the hotel, is the beer spa. In the court yard of the Hotel and Restaurant is a nice garden. It’s a great advantage to speak either Czech or German, as most of the reception staff don’t speak much English.

The beer bath was definitely the best part. Individual or tubs for two are available. Once we entered, a kind woman instructed us to take our shoes off, and to change clothes, and wrap ourselves in a white sheet. Then, we hopped into our bath, which was a mix of hot mineral water, beer, and some grains from the beer fermentation process. They also gave us a beer to sip in our bath. This was extremely relaxing. After your beer bath, you’ll be escorted to a ‘relax room’, where you rest on lounge chairs, and are wrapped up in blankets. This is supposed to help your skin absorb all the nutrients from the bath, as well as help you relax.