Visiting my friends in El Paso

I have lots of friends in El Paso and thought I should visit the city again before I go to Europe. Just like the first time they adopted me as their VIP guest, showed me a fantastic time, and went way above the call of duty to make sure I was happy, comfortable, and enjoying the visit.

This time around my hosts were Cailyn and Anthony. I have met them during my first visit but this time they took upon themselves to drive me around, host me at their home, and bring me to the hash runs. Anthony is a Marine and he gave me a great gift: One of his t-shirts from the Marine Core… a t-shirt that has been in Iraq and Afghanistan! You see me wearing this t-shirt in this picture with them.

I attended three hashing events. The first was a small but quite funny run in which a 6 days old baby participated (but didn’t drink any beer). The second was a 30-pack run, in which you drink a beer on every loop to a total of a marathon distance, and I was able to make it to 18 loops before I was too drunk to proceed. The third one was in a suburb of El Paso where we climbed a hill and then run back through the tunnels under the city in what was one of the most surreal and surprising runs I ever did.

Thank you again to my hosts and all El Paso hashers. You guys made me feel at home.