Code of the West

(Inspired by Wild Bill Hickok’s Code of the West)

A man’s word is his bond: An agreement settled with a handshake is as binding as any contract. And is a man swears to something, it must be so. No victory is worth being labeled a cheater.

A man rides for the brand: When a man joins an organization or accepts a job, it is assumed he accepts the workings and attitudes and standing of that organization for the term of his stay.

A man is a straight shooter: In all his dealings a man is fair and honest. he expects others to do the same.

A man is neighborly: As a man knows he may need help someday, a helping hand to those in need is his obligation.

A man can take care of his own: A man strives to be as self-reliant as possible. He does all he can do to provide the best for his family. He has the ultimate responsibility for their protection and sustenance. Further, a man has a responsibility to his community and its welfare and protection. A man should be prepared to serve and aide in an emergency situation.

A man uses his head: A man develops his logic and attitudes towards a goal of common sense. And though a man demands his rights and only he can define them as he is willing to defend them, consideration of the rights of others and laws of government must be honored.

A man has the right to speak his mind: A man may say whatever he wishes as long as the intent is not to maliciously injure another person or cheat that person of his property.

A man has the right to protect his property: From birth a man begins accumulating property. And with that he grows. And his property is part of him. He has a right to expect it not to be stolen or destroyed. He may do what is necessary to keep that from happening.

A man has the right to privacy: A man has the right to run his life as he seems fit, as long as it causes no unfair burden on another individual. Nobody may enter a man’s home uninvited.

A man has the right to be armed: In a crisis, the only protection a man may have for his family and his community is himself and his neighbors. And the best defense agains criminal activity is a threat of resistance and immediate reprisal.