Double-check Warsaw

It’s easy to find Milton in the crowd. Calm and relaxed as ever, repacking his bike, this time at the new Modlin airport near Warsaw. Can this man ever get stressed?

In Warsaw our fantastic hosts Marina and Andrzej welcomed us with a beer and pasta in a great atmosphere. She is a biker and a true host with Andrzej. I felt very much at home at her place. She lives in one of the many gated communities in the Polish capital.

The first gated community in Poland was built in 1994 and is considered as part of the housing globalization and Americanization in Poland, but also a sign of the culture of control and privatization of security. Living in a gated community improves one’s status, safety and it’s convenient, surveys say. We noticed even within the gated communities it’s full of gates and CCTV’s. Marina said she simply feels more safe.

We met several bikers that showed us around. Javier Serna was there during the first evening with us. With Krzystof, a member of the same motor club as Marina, we went up north for a ride to a lake. Pawel invited us for lunch and later during our second visit in Warsaw he and his wife came over for dinner at Marina’s place which turned out the be the HQ of bikers and friends during our stay. Great to meet Kasia and Pawel: I like it when people get invited to a wedding in India and travel 2 days to get there, stay for 3 days and go back home!

Also great fun with Reinaldo, a Brazilian biker and his girlfriend. His comments about all the Polish bikers fully dressed in motorcycle gear and meeting up at McDonalds to go for a ride ,,is so gay’’ still makes me laugh! We went for a ride: 2 polish bikers in full gear and Milton and Reinaldo in t-shirt.

The last ride in Warsaw so far ended up in a double surprise: Milton can get stressed, he let me ride his bike 🙂


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