Feeling at home in Amsterdam

The measure of how good a place is seems to be mostly about how many, and how good, friends one have in that place. When I got to Amsterdam on July 15th I didn’t know anyone there, but right on the first day I met with Dimitri thanks to the wonders of CouchSurfing.org.

Dimitri hosted me for the first day, took me and two other guests from Poland to a walk in the city and was generally super helpful and cool with all of us. He also let me store some luggage at his place for several days until I could find how when my motorcycle would be arriving.

I met Leonie later during the first day in Amsterdam. She also took me out for a walk in the city, showed me some very cool places, and became one of my friends. I am very happy I have met her.

Robbert and his gorgeous girlfriend Sanderien let me stay in their yellow bus for the night. That was way cool. They are also bikers and I believe we will have a chance to ride together later during my trip through Europe.

I met Alfred during the hash run with the Amsterdam H3 and after that run and dinner we went to a crusty old bar in the city center where he told me a lot about Scotch Whisky. I didn’t know anything about it and he is very knowledgeable. He helped me figure out what kinds of Scotch I like, and how to order, serve, and enjoy it properly. We also went together to the hash run in Den Haag three days later.

But I guess that as a CouchSurfing host Bridget may have to take the prize of best-ever. She offered me a place in the city for the weekend, didn’t mind that I extended my stay another day. She also helped with holding my luggage a couple more days, and when I invited her to visit Paris for the weekend she offered to bring us in her car! She is a hasher (started in Amsterdam with me), she is a biker (had a Harley-Davidson), and she is a very smart and independent woman.

Having great experiences like this make Amsterdam, or any other city, feel like home.