Germany Invasion 2011

Sometimes you plan on doing something for a long time, build up a lot of expectations, and then get disappointed when reality does not measure up to the dream. That was absolutely not the case with this event. I felt at the end that it was better than I could have planned in any way I could measure it.

The roads were well chosen, the places were beautiful, the weather held up quite well nearly all the time, and our hosts couldn’t have been better. I make several new friends there, and that is a very important point for me. The food was great. Wow, everything! What an event.

I was also very curious to see how I would feel about riding in a group after not doing it for several years. It was just fine and because all the bikers were also couchsurfers we had so much in common, such a compatibility of values and interests while a variety of experiences and lifestyles, that it was just a perfect experience.