Guurt Minne in Antwerp

By the end of my trip through Europe in 2011 I thought it would be a better idea to leave the motorcycle somewhere in Europe instead of shipping back to USA and then having to ship to Europe once again. I posted a message on the motorcycle riders group on and Guurt promptly offered to host my motorcycle for the entire winter.

When I got there I noticed several things: His bike was well taken care of, his garage was clean and organized, the house was well kept, everything gave an impression that he would be taking good care of my bike, because the way people do something is the way they do everything.

When I came back the next summer I found my bike with full battery and in perfect working order. Had to fill up the tires because they were low on pressure after nearly 8 months in storage, but that was all. I put the gear together and got out of the door in just a couple of hours, after taking a shower and enjoying a delicious lunch. Guurt was very helpful and generous, and for that I will be always grateful!