depressionEvery time there is a school shooting in USA, people are in hysteria and the debate erupts about that we need more gun laws and new policies. But really how many people die yearly in these kinds of mass shootings? And what kind of people are these perpetrators?

Each year hundreds of thousands of people in the US attempt suicide and about 1 in 25 succeeds. It’s death cause number 3 for those aged 15 till 24 but also some younger kids kill themselves. And what is the number one cause for suicide? Untreated depression!

And do we do anything to help depressed kids? There is no discussion about that and I think it’s related to the (mainstream) media, that doesn’t cover suicide. Usually there is just one person that has died. A minor that had an overdose of alcohol and dies is no issue while it doesn’t have an impact on the society, except on the loved ones and people around this person. Also can you imagine to read every other day in the news that someone has committed suicide? Media doesn’t report it anymore.

school shootingSchool shootings is a different story. It’s widely covered in the media and after the shootings lots of people file lawsuits. School shootings have financial consequences, while the other cases basically don’t. Parents sue the perpetrator, the school and who ever else. But if you’re serious about preventing lives of kids, do something about depression and drinking alcohol.

There are suicide prevention programs available, and there is education about alcohol abuse but it’s not mandatory for schools. Maybe we once and for all should get hysterically about that and debate how to implement new laws to make sure people are educated from a young age and if necessarily treated from a young age. It would make life way more easy for many people.