I don’t trust the government! Not even a little bit.

CHS-0482-fubar-fucked-up-beyond-all-repair-stickerDuring a very interesting and civil conversation about gun control today a friend of mine said, near the end of it, that “We have to have faith on our system of checks and balances and our ability to work together as a society to ensure personal freedom exists in a way that doesn’t violate anyone else’s freedoms and rights.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about it, about how much I am willing to trust the government… which ultimately means how much I am willing to trust the authorities.

I would love to do it, but they are the people that told us there were WMDs in Iraq. The same people that wrote a 9/11 report that is so full of omissions and inconsistencies that it should go straight to the “fiction” shelf. They are the people that keep creating “temporary” taxes that stay temporary forever. They are the same people that invest on and supply both sides of wars they previously justified and later will outsource, to themselves.

They are the people in charge of regulating, and then don’t regulate. They are the ones in charge of taking care of the homeless, that never reduce in numbers. They are the ones responsible for education, and we keep dropping in the ranking of developed nations year after year.

It is the same people that told the folks in New Orleans that it wasn’t necessary to evacuate until it was too late to evacuate. The same people that said the levees were fine, until they broke. The same people that told my parents to hide under the table in case of nuclear attack, and told me to seal the house with plastic and duct tape in case of a “dirty bomb”. Now they make me take my shoes off at the airport. They are the people that tell us we can’t have electric cars because there is not enough demand for it. The very same people that say cannabis is dangerous and psychotropic drugs are safe. They are the people that swear to protect the constitution and gradually, year after year, have been eroding it to the point it is now nearly irrelevant.

They are the ones that arrest the wrong people, convict them for the wrong stuff, and then years later are not liable for the colossal fuck up they made. They are the ones that tell us we shouldn’t carry weapons while they have armed security. They design healthcare plans for us that they don’t need to sign up for. They give us a dilapidated social security system while they can retire after a single term in office. They own the corporations that raped the environment and dumped unimaginable quantities of poison on the planet, and they tell that we have to recycle.

They train our young people in the military, make them the most efficient killing force in the world, and call it “the most powerful military on earth”. Then send them to bullshit wars, give them conflicting orders, don’t let them win anything because there is no profit in ending anything, and when they finally return home they ignore, mistreat, annoy and abandon the poor bastards until more of them die of suicide than from combat.

They are the ones that decide we are all free and created equal: As long as they are not women or people of color. They resisted ending slavery, they resisted ending segregation, they resisted giving voting rights to women, and now they still resist giving equal rights to homosexual couples.

They are the people that love our country so much that they own most of it.

They fucked up E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Government by its very nature must violate Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to maintain its existence. In addition, the Right of the People to acquire, maintain, and defend Property has been demonstrated to be the key tenet of Liberty; the alteration or abolition of one Government for another has been demonstrated to be an exercise in futility.

The history of the State is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over everyone:

  • It has forced us to use its monopoly currency so that it may steal from us with and without taxation.
  • It has assaulted, tortured, imprisoned, and murdered innocents at home and abroad.
  • It has conscripted our brothers to fight and die in its wars of profit-seeking and domination.
  • It has forbidden us to own weaponry which it itself uses, purposely and gradually disarming us in every way it can manage.
  • It has demanded that we gain its permission to buy, sell, and trade one with another.
  • It has demanded that tribute be paid to itself on all forms of property and in all acts of exchange.
  • It has kidnapped and caged us for possession of plants.
  • It has claimed ownership of our bodies, preventing us from crossing its alleged borders without its written permission.
  • It has forbidden various consensual interactions.
  • It has forbidden our communication and trade with certain of people around the world.
  • It has claimed ownership of our children through forced indoctrination and public debt.
  • It has spied upon the communications, both digital and personal, of ourselves and people around the world.
  • It has demanded that we acquire, keep, and produce identifying documents upon demand.
  • It has polluted the skies, land, and water with impunity.
  • It has branded us with nine-digit tracking numbers.
  • It has abolished the rule of law, perverted justice, and utterly voided its own constitution, giving impunity to its police, its military, and its corporate benefactors.
  • It has lied, deceived, and covered-up its secret deeds and has hunted down as enemies those who dare to reveal them.
  • In short, it has committed every act which would be considered unspeakably abhorrent if committed by an individual.

Politicians are full of shit, without exceptions. With them are most teachers, most law enforcement, and most clergymen. The media is pathetically and embarrassingly full of shit. And I don’t trust any of them.

So now, every time a politician plants himself in front of a camera to say that gun registrations are not the problem, that we are overreacting, that they will never come out to confiscate our guns, that is exactly what I presume they will do at the first opportunity. They did it in Canada, England, most of Europe, Brazil, Japan… everywhere! There is not a single exception to this script.

I think we really fucked up. We took this wonderful gift of human development, from opposable thumbs to the Internet and we squandered it badly. We are not good at taking care of one another. We are not respectful of one another. Most of us humans are oblivious, ignorant, selfish, unimaginative, superstitious, fearful, unenlightened, imbeciles.

So what am I left with? Just the most simple human values are worth paying attention to, among them friendship, love, family and the pursuit of knowledge. Other than that, I signed off a while ago.

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Parts of this article were shamelessly adapted from “The United States of One, by Amanda Billy Rock