Magnificent desolation

Forty years ago, Buzz Aldrin became the second human, minutes after Neil Armstrong, to set foot on a celestial body other than the Earth. The event remains one of mankind’s greatest achievements and was witnessed by the largest worldwide television audience in history. In the years since, millions more have had their Earth-centric perspective unalterably changed by the iconic photograph of Aldrin standing on the surface of the moon, the blackness of space behind him and his fellow explorer and the Eagle reflected in his visor. Describing the alien world he was walking upon, he uttered the words “magnificent desolation.”

I love the ocean, any ocean, and don’t even consider living away from the water. But I can’t stop being amazed at how beautiful deserts are. Riding a motorcycle through a desert is one of the most amazing experiences one can have. The colors, the dimentions, the loneliness, desolation, are something pictures can never capture.

During this trip I rode the semi-desertic Southwest Texas between Del Rio and El Paso. Next I took Rt-9 from El Paso towards the west along the Mexican border. That road is really desolate and you can ride for hours wihout seeing more than a handful of civilian card. Border patrol cars are every few miles apart, but other than that you are alone.