Motorcycle Insurance in Europe

It was very easy to get insurance through Motorcycle Express. Gail Goodman is very knowledgeable and answered all my emails very fast. I decided to buy one month of coverage from them and will get the other two months from any ADAC office in Germany. The insurance for visitors driving in Europe is called Green Card Insurance and the cost of coverage for a month was $275 + $60 (processing fee).


Got another two months of coverage at an ADAC office in Germany. It costed me US$ 150 for each additional month, so it was cheaper! Funny part is that the people at the ADAC office couldn’t speak much English, I can’t speak German to save my life, but when I showed the papers of my current insurance they figured it all out quickly and the transaction was completed without a glitch.

2012 UPDATE:

The cost from Motorcycle Express went up from $225 to $275 per month. Plus the $60 processing fee that makes it a $335 cost for the first month. If you have the opportunity to go to Germany first then it is a better deal to buy the first month in Germany at the ADAC office for just about $150 per month.