New Orleans, weird city

It’s being very interesting to see New Orleans and talk to it’s residents to compare what I believed about what happened during the Katrina crisis and what really happened.

It’s a city of contrasts, like most interesting cities. A large poor population occasionally underwater when levees break and hurricanes hit, sucking ferverishly on the republican welfare tit while voting 100% Democrat.

The old style politics, abuse, despair, abandon, are all visible and evident just like the great music and culture of the Jazz center of the universe.

It was interesting to see the drunk tourists on Bourbon St baring their breats and personalities under the influence of alcoholic stupor. It was interesting but just for a little while. That is the kind of spectacle you soon get tired of, if you were properly brestfed I guess.

It was important for me to see it mostly because I haven’t yet. But I don’t think I will be returning. Unless I learn to appreciate Jazz…


I went back to New Orleans during my run across America and could enjoy the city for about four days. For the most part my impression is still the same. Running through it instead of riding a motorcycle gave me an even deeper impression about how poor and hopeless the city is right outside of the French Quarter and the few rich neighborhoods.

New Orleans is fun to visit, great place to see your friends get drunk and act silly. But I still wouldn’t spend much time there for any other reason.