Rainer Schönbrunn in Germany


Rainer was the first person I visited in Germany. We met online through CouchSurfing more than a year ago and I finally got to visit him. He was an outstanding host! He had a fridge full of great German beer, cooked a fabulous BBQ, gave me a tour of his city, a castle nearby, the whole nine yards. And to top it off, when I told that my GPS on my iPhone was not working properly he let me use his GPS for the remainder of my visit to Europe and I can ship it back to him before I return to America. What a generous, friendly guy he is. And now, also a friend that I want to meet again in the future. Hopefully that will happen in America when he goes to ride a motorcycle there.

2012 Update:

Second visit to Rainer. I brought my friend Adda with me and he hosted us his usual way: Amazing! We felt all through the visit like VIP guests. From the party at the moment we arrived, to the way his family treated us, the beer, the food, the friends, the personal attention. Everything was just perfect.

We had an opportunity to run around the city, visit the castle in Welwelsburg, run through the woods on the way back, and have beers and lunch with Rainer. It was a perfect visit!