Let’s Ride!

IMG_1312-300x202Do you have your own motorcycle?

I have been contacting many bikers, mostly through the Couch Surfing Motorcycle Riders Group, and from other networks as well. Some of them would like to meet on the road, or ride together to events or simply hang out for a few hours, or even a few days.

I love to do it and as much as possible I do all I can to accommodate the schedule of those interested. Making friends, connecting to people, is really the best part of the trip. As long as you ride safe and don’t mind that I am very slow, all is cool.

Camping and Couch Surfing are my favorite ways to spend the night, so it would be really nice if you are open-minded about not using hotels. I like some hostels however because they can be a lot of fun, but in general I really prefer the outdoors or meeting new people, instead of staying at a hotel.

in the back seatWant to ride as a passenger?

Some of the most amazing travel experiences happened traveling with someone else… and a few problems as well.

Sometimes I receive requests to ride as a passenger. Often from friends, sometimes also people that I never met in person, only online. If you would like to do it I hope you understand that riding together is quite an upclose and personal experience, and for that to work out we must get along quite well. I also need to be really in the mood to do it and both our schedules and itineraries must be somewhat compatible.

So if I don’t say yes right away or just decide to not do it, please don’t take it personally.

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