Let’s Run!

hashersAre you a hasher?

I want to meet hashers in every city I visit. If there is a hash on the schedule for the days I will be there then I will certainly show up to participate. If there is no hash on schedule I will still contact all the hashers I can and invite you troublemakers to run with me in the city, show me the best bars to cool off every once in a while, and have a great time.

This is my profile at HashSpace.com, feel free to connect to me and we will have a great time! ON-ON

Not a hasher, but would like to run?

Of course! Let’s run. Just please keep in mind that I am not fast. Actually I may be the slowest runner you will ever find. I ran from Miami to Los Angeles not by doing it fast, but by enjoying the surroundings, talking to people, having fun, stopping often, and basically just doing a light jog alternated with fast walks. I can do that for a long long time, but I can’t sprint for a long time like some of you speed demons can do. So let’s focus on having fun and talking and you can show me some of your city.

I am also happy to visit running clubs, run with them, and if invited to it I am happy to talk about my cross-country run and other adventures.

You don’t run, but would like to hang out?

You would prefer to walk? No problem, I will love to walk with you. Do you prefer to ride your bicycle along? No problem. Or better yet, you can lend me another bicycle and we can do it together. Do you prefer to rolerblade along? That would be really cool. Anyway you want to do, I think it is much better for me to have company than to run alone.

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