Silent desperation

Sometimes riding around rush hour in the afternoon I look at the driver’s faces… very few are smiling. Quite the opposite. Bad attitudes, driving home in a hurry, kids screaming in the back seat. I don’t want their lives.

Or those that would love to stay longer at the party, that would love to escape for a couple of days, camping or just riding into the sunset…. but they “have” to be at work early in the morning.

Sometimes I want to shake them. Scream through the glass that separates our worlds. I want to rattle the bars that hold them back. But I can’t, and I shouldn’t. It’s not my duty, and it is not my right.

I will not steal from anyone the opportunity to gain his/her own freedom. But oh boy how I wish I met more people like I have been meeting, many from the couch surfing community, that travel and go out and know how the world looks like. How I enjoy talking to those that know there is something more than work and bills and taxes to care for.

So many spend their lives going from work to home to work to home, in an endless cycle, in silent desperation. Ensnarled in obligations with clients and bosses and creditors, while all they would really like to do is break away.