The challenges of traveling full time

full time travelTraveling is something very special. Not just relaxing during holidays but you’ll also learn about life. Only when one is on site one can understand the people and their lifestyle. Therefore, you should never forget that the world is not just made up of three or four countries but it endlessly offers much to discover. As varied as the countries and regions of the world are, so are the people.

Ask anyone about their dreams and many people will say a trip around the world or traveling for a longer time. But how many people will actually go if they could leave for one year? Not that many I suppose. It’s too expensive, they can’t find anyone to join or they simply don’t know how to do it are a few of the many excuses.

Of course traveling is challenging. You have to plan and finance it, but the most important thing is you have to be open minded. Where ever you go things will be different and plans might work out differently. You can panic or stay cool and reorganize things. And most important: enjoy every moment!

Also what do you really want to see and experience? Are you planning to fly from capital to capital and stay in hotels which are basically the same all over the world? Or would you prefer to be part of the local community and explore how they live how they experience life?

A way to do it is using websites as It’s a cultural exchange site. You can meet people and stay at their places and experience their daily life. How does someone in Russia live? How they view the world? How they spend their free time? You’ll learn a lot even in just a week.

Traveling can be way cheaper by using low budget airlines. You basically need some time to figure it out but it will save you lots of money. Also food in general is cheaper in other parts of the world. You can find a McDonalds everywhere but my experience is that local food in general is healthier, cheaper and often more tasty. And what about luggage? An important rule is: you don’t need that much while traveling. You can do laundry everywhere in the world, and when you change climates, you can always buy a warm winter clothes or a swimsuit on the road.

How to finance traveling? One thing is putting money aside. Another way is to work while traveling. Not necessarily on the road but where is internet you can do a lot of things from home, wherever that is. Start meeting other travelers at Couchsurfing events and they will tell you of many different ways they found to finance their adventures.