The Second American Revolution

voteElections are coming up and there’re lots of campaigns to convince people to vote. I think it’s a major mistake. Most people don’t know anything about politics, they vote what the priests tell them! The USA is doing quite good with 30 percent of voters, but more smart people voting and fewer stupid people voting would do very good to the country.

You can say the more people vote the more democratic and that it is your civic responsibility to vote, but actually that’s not true. What if an election is a close call and the stupid voters in the end decide the worst candidate for the country is winning the elections. Better let smart people decide and people that have followed the candidates and some debates instead of watching sitcoms or sports.

You enter a polling station and are ready to vote for your favorite candidate. But then there is a list of races and ballot questions and you have no clue what that is about. So you just randomly make some choices? And what if millions of people do that and it’s a close call? Then the outcome might be based on yours and others sort of random vote. Do you really want that?

Sometimes the most responsible thing a person can do on election day is stay at home. You skip the item you don’t know about or skip the entire voting process if you are not very informed. This can be perfectly rational. If you really don’t know enough to cast an intelligent vote, you should be eager to rely on your fellow voters to make the right choice. That’s not stupid, it’s a very smart thing to do!

If we convince just the stupider 5% of the country to not vote, that alone will be the equivalent of the Second American Revolution!

Here is the solution:

The best would be to avoid too many stupid people even enter a polling station. How to realize this? It’s simple. Everyone thinks he is smart so every election day you should throw a party with lots of beers and food and you should invite everyone you consider stupider than you. Make it a pool party! Bring/hire some strippers too, you probably don’t want them voting either. Then make it clear, when people show up, that to stay they must pledge not to go vote that day. Most will honor their pledge: They are dumb, not dishonest. During the party only you leave to vote. If you have 50 guests at your party, now your vote is 50 times stronger!

This would also have a very practical benefit in the form of knowledge. If comes election day and you are invited to a lot of pool parties, that means you are probably one of the 10% stupidest people around…