Traveler mindset

I saw a documentary about the origins of surfing and in that video they explained that the first Polynesians that had their culture wrapped around surfing believed that the final goal of a man was to surf. That was the ultimate goal in life.

Sometimes I think that in the world of travelers something very similar can be stated about their lives. If you press them hard enough for a purpose, reasons, or motivations that keep them on the road you will see a common pattern in most cases:

Travel is freedom. It’s a fantasy and an escape from routine.

It is also not expensive. Oftentimes spending more money will only build more separation between you and the places and people you travelled so far to see. Most of the amazing experiences you will find will be on the streets, at the houses of people you will meet, at witnessing how they will open their doors and their hearts to you.

Connecting with people intensifies the experience. Extroverts have more fun. Your attitude will set how you feel about it more than the experiences themselves. If you don’t enjoy a place it is probably because you don’t know enough about it. Give every culture the benefit of an open mind. Be positive and optimistic at all times and you will notice that your attitude will also be contagious.

Traveling can make you happier. It will break many of your assumed truths, it will challenge your previous knowledge about other people and places. You will start to make up your own mind about other cultures instead of adopting other people’s opinions as if they were your own ideas. It’s humbling to travel and find that other people don’t have the same dreams, don’t watch the same news, don’t have the same concerns and priorities. They also wouldn’t trade places with you, even if they appreciate and like who you are. Traveling you will learn new ways to measure quality of life.

Becoming a traveller destroys xenophobia and other forms of prejudice. It will make you understand and appreciate other cultures. Rather than fear diversity you will celebrate it. The most valuable souvenirs you will bring to your final destination will be the pieces of different cultures you will choose to absorb into your own character.


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  1. Good thinking, Milton. And even better writing. I was thinking of this Swedish guy – I don’t remember his name… he started off biking to find the meaning of life. He crossed Africa from North to South (or vice versa), Australia, New Zealand, and Cape Horn to Alaska. Then he found the meaning of life, and wrote his book about it. Surprisingly, the meaning of life, according to him, is biking πŸ™‚

    (P.S. – an important clarification here: we are talking about REAL biking, with pedals, not with an engine πŸ™‚ )

  2. Over time and distance, I’ve learned
    I’m not truly a traveler.
    In fact, I’m quite the homebody.
    Instead, I enjoy hosting the traveler.

    I love presenting my hometown,
    breaking bread with strangers,
    hearing their stories,
    and telling them mine.

    I love meeting people who,
    had they not requested a temporary home,
    I might never have chosen to befriend on my own,
    Due to my assumptions or daily routine.