Visiting Romania

One of the first friends that I visited in Bucharest is Smaranda. We have been talking online for over a year and we became friends and were looking forward to meet and see each other in person. She is a very smart and authentic kind of person and it was really nice seeing her now.

She recommended some great places there as well, like the Caru’ cu Bere where you can have great food and beers while watching excellent dancers, all in a fantastic building hosts the oldest brewery of Bucharest. The other place I loved was Beer O’Clock where we enjoyed some great beers from Romania and elsewhere.

Next day I met with Alex Joseph, on his last few days of travel in Europe. We had great conversations and explored the old city together, looking for great beers. Alex is not fully aware yet of how awesome he really is, and doesn’t know completely how much people want to hear about his travels and experiences. A truly interesting guy with lots to say. I am pretty sure we will meet again in California, where he lives.

Last day of the visit to Bucharest I stopped by to visit Adrian and Micky. The idea was to stay for a couple of hours, and then get on the road as I had a long way to go for the next four days. It didn’t work that way: Adrian and Micky were so nice, welcoming, with great friends, and such a fabulous attitude, that I had to stay all day, participated on their games and BBQ, and left early next morning. It was such a surprise and I am very happy that I saw them.

I was impressed at how much Romania looks and feels like being in Brazil. Other than the language, the similarity is amazing. Same crazy traffic, same dressing styles, same prices, same cars, same attitudes. Maybe that is why I felt so comfortable there, even if it is very different than American, and also very different than everything else I have seen in Europe so far.


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  1. How interesting that you found Romania to be similar to Brazil. Although I have traveled extensively, I have not yet been to either of those two countries. Someday soon I hope to do so, then I can either agree with you or say you’re full of sh*t…LOL 🙂