We’re Not Natural, We’re Not Organic

organicFlying is normal, but not natural. Walking, running and so on is natural. It is not natural to travel from Miami to Los Angeles in a few hours. The natural way to do it is over some 6 months… but definitely not normal anymore.

Except for the few of us that get serious training on how to survive in nature, most of us would not last very long outdoors. Most of us can’t find or build shelter. River water would kill most with diarrhea. Getting enough food to live is beyond the means of most people.

Usually doing the things that are not natural makes our stress level go up, like dancing and drinking all night. Most things in daily life will increase your stress level, like difficulties at work, money worries, watching tv, etc.

Natural is what we did in nature. Not to say there wasn’t any stress back then. But it was a different sort of stress that even could be more stressful in cases you literally had to run for your life. You won’t die of watching tv every day but all ‘normal’ things together in our lives have created the luxury of living long enough to pay a price for our stress.

The things that are the most amazing of our life style are not natural. If regular persons would strip everything that is not organic out of their life style, most of them wouldn’t survive! No cars, electricity, tap water, flights, burgers and so on! You have to find water, shelter, food, and everything. So you are not organic until you have died.

For example if you would calculate the carbon footprint of an American or European person through his or her lifetime. A carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. These gases can be emitted through transport, land clearance and the production of food, fuels, manufactured goods, roads, buildings and more.

Keep in mind that most of the emissions for an American household come from indirect sources like fuel that is burned in China to produce cheap products you buy or by producing the meat you eat. So if you should calculate your carbon footprint of a lifetime you could conclude that the most effective thing to improve the situation in the world concerning global warming is to not have any kids.

“Life in a state of nature was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” – Thomas Hobbes

Living in a completely natural way is unimaginable today: No electricity, no shaving except with a knife and you can’t look in the mirror. Actually you can’t be in a house either, it must be something more like a cave. No more regular showers, you can only bathe in rivers, lakes, and waterfalls when you come across one of those, and the swimming pool doesn’t count. Then ask your significant other to stop bathing as well, and no more deodorant for both of you. If you have a toothache you have to deal with it instead of going to the dentist. Even a simple stomach flu may kill you, and your life expectancy would soon adjust to a more natural 36, give or take a few. Now even a simple appendicitis can kill you. No more birth control, you can’t buy anything in the supermarket, you can’t even have any money. No more driving, no more TV, ditch the cell phone, and this would be the the last article you would ever read. Wanna try?